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About AMP:

About African Music Publishing

African Music Publishing is an independent global African copyright licensing
& copyright administration organization founded in 2008.
Our purpose is to help African Musicians, Songwriters, Composers,
Producers, Poets, and copyright owners to generate more income from their
music and other intellectual properties. After recognizing that there is no
transparency in the way many copyrights and intellectual rights organizations
are operating and also the fact that many of the performing and mechanical
rights organizations are not paying musicians and copyright owners what they
deserve, we at African Music Publishing are committed to change that.
We understand the struggles and challenges that you are going through and
we know that in order to be effectively creative, your mind MUST be
completely FREE from financial stresses. However, we also know that, it is
not every song you write will possible become a hit. Therefore we have
created different avenues of exposure for your songs through motion pictures,
television, soundtracks etc.
What we do
- We publish and manage all types of African music and copyrights, including
copyright administration and music licensing, to their maximum potential.  
- We aggressively promote African music worldwide to advertising agencies,
televisions, movies, radio, soundtracks, commercials, multimedia, internet and
record companies.
- Registration of Material
Worldwide registration of songs written including correct writer splits
- Collection of income  
Performance income
Foreign income
Print income
- Licensing  
Master use and synchronization income
-Sub-publishing worldwide
Collecting income from all overseas releases
Collecting performance income from film and television screenings and
foreign tours
Negotiating full length sub-publishing deals for various territories
We are also helping African authors publish their books.