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- Services for copyright owners


Your songs are your capital and our job is to ensure that this capital is secured,
maximized and make sure that all royalties are fully paid to you on time. The same
song can be performed by hundred different artists and released by hundred
different record companies, while laying on your couch and making money.
Therefore, we are here to protect and manage your rights.

Be part of an organization that respects your creativity and fully represents your


Copyright administration

We license and collect royalties on copyrights and intellectual properties around
the globe and deliver them accurately, timely, and diligently to our songwriters,
composers, copyrights owners and clients.

African Music Publishing offers a global administration services, including song
management, maintenance and worldwide registration, licensing, sub-publishing
worldwide, collection of mechanical and performance income royalty accounting
and tracking, film & TV music placement, video games etc.

Royalty Statement

African Music Publishing provides a quarterly accounting statement, which offers
you an accurate tracking of all royalties collected. We aggressively track unpaid
licenses and unlicensed uses. We do our best to negotiate the best possible
rates for all license types, including synchronization, mechanical, print, digital,
internet and other new media licensing. We are also negotiading with
“” to compensate African music creators, because we believe that
many African music videos have been posted to and it is not only
good for African artists but it is also helping boost unique users in
terms of number, popularity as well as credibility.


We promote your music to:
Record companies.
Advertising agencies

Advices for your career
In our “Forum” section, we will be posting a series of “career advices and tips”.